We love software development and crunching numbers.
We love especially using our skills to solve complex business problems.

What We Do

Software Engineering

It is the core of our business. We know that to deliver maximum business value we have to approach problem from various perspectives. That’s why our multi industry experience is so essential and so loved by our clients.

Custom Sales Solutions

This is one of our areas of expertise. We know how to help Sales Teams to achieve their goals faster. If you demand the highest performance you need us and our solutions suited to your needs.

Data Analytics

We love crunching numbers and revealing opportunities hidden in data. You know that everybody talks about Big Data but how many of them achieved measureable business value? We believe in goals oriented solutions, that’s why our customers are gaining real benefits from their data.


How We Work

  • Project Planning

    We provide end to end solutions with customer oriented agile teams. We are starting all projects from listening closely to all customer needs and requirements. It is important to fully understand business objectives and specific client needs. We take an iterative approach to quickly develop complete project specification.

  • Design and Architecture

    Once we finish client needs assessment phase and we finish, client accepted specification we can start designing the solution. We know there is no technology that can solve all problems you have. We use proven design patters and we follow good practices to design reliable, secure, user friendly and scalable solution.

  • Developement

    In development phase we follow SCRUM methodology to quickly iterate. You will gain access to our project management tools to monitor project progress. There are many programming languages that we use daily. We are developing comprehensive solutions from web apps, mobile apps, desktop software to large, distributed systems deployed in many locations around the globe or in several datacentres.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance is where we put strong accent to provide flawless solution. It is not only about software bugs and performance weak points. We focus also on security and user experience.

  • Deployment, Maintenance and End User Support

    Our role doesn’t end on development and deployment. We take full responsibility for our solutions and provide you with support and maintenance services. Our secure private cloud environment is safeguarded by advanced solutions, so your application will find safe home with us. We also know that your needs will grow, so our solutions will grow with you.

Some of Our Clients

  • bochemia
  • licomp
  • mazda
  • onet
  • sonylogo

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